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Пишу тикет в поддержку, не могу понять как вложить файл… такая возможность есть вообще?


Скрины отправляются ссылками, другие файлы нам отправлять не нужно.



How to hide “Contact Vendor” block from the product page please?


One more question please … how can we create different banners for different languages ?


At least i need to know how to remove the “Contact Vendor” from product page … no info about this in the documentation … is it top secret :smiley:


Hi, as you can not see special settings in docs, it says, that there is no possible to hide or show this block optionally.


Okay thanks Alex … we hided via css code …
How about having different banner for each language in the Advanced Banner designer ? (same like the default CS-Cart behavior )?


Can you please look on our demo store and change language? Start from Russian and finish with English

So, what exactly behaviour do you need?


Hi Alex…
I mean the images (Background Image or/and Inner Image) not the written texts … it would be great if you are able to have the default behavior of the CS-Cart where we can assign different “image” for each language … lets say that we have an image with the word “Sales” … so we need to have two images for each language …


Now its clear, thank you
Conceptually images in banners needs to be clear from texts (it will be no possible to adapt texts for devices and another reasons). Recent functional supports just texts multi language paradigm.


Yes we can totally see your point … however we could not do banners same like the ones in your demo …
In reality we are facing many issues where “written” text get over the image in the small devices … or the image gets VERY small in big screens no matter what size we do …

I really do not want to trouble you … this addon is great … but it’s just very very hard to implement …

Allow me to share with you what we have … maybe you will see why we think it’s easier for us to have text inside or image as part of the image so we can “position” all correctly … (for each language)


Our developers will update banners designer this update, the will make a special video with best practices of banners creating for all devices


Okay thanks … will be waiting for that …
one last point today please … is there a way to make the “add to cart button” full in case we are not using the “request call” module ? or shall we do internal css ?


Can you give a link to a page with this button?
I think, you have renamed button for products lists.


Yes sure … thanks alot … to which email shall i send the link ?



How can we show the “Product Short Description” in product page please?


Hi …

How can we show the “Product Short Description” in product page please? is that is not possible anymore ?


Please look theme settings for Product page, you will find needed…
With 4.10.2.d this function was added in theme


okay thanks … i see also the location has been changed ,



Again with the advanced banner addon …

After the last update the things got more messy … the images and text are not well placed/positioned …

I think the best solution for RTL-LTR issue in the Advance Banner addon is to separate the images for each language (same as CS_Cart default banners) … with the current banners the result is ugly and not organized banners … this is not fair for this great addon as no other addon can work as it … only this small solution with make it great i think …